Friday, March 5, 2010

Life goes on.

In signs that life marches on whether you realize it or not:
... Michaela got her first tooth pulled out by the dentist yesterday. I clearly remember getting teeth pulled when I started with the orthodontist. She tolerated the whole thing pretty well, with some dramatic whimpering but overall did fine.
... I registered Jenna for kindergarten yesterday. KINDERGARTEN. How is that possible? She is excited and asked if she could go to Kindergarten today. Good thing I have my little Alec, otherwise I would have had to start mourning the loss of my little Nenna yesterday and it would have lasted all through the summer. I also clearly remember registering Michaela for kindergarten. It seems ludicrous that I will be there someday registering Alec.
... I called the school district this week to start the process of getting speech therapy for Jenna. Dood-bye pin-t, milt, and chi-ten; hello, letters c, k, and g. Nice to meet you. This is my daughter Jenna.
... I put away the first size 6 month clothes for Alec this morning and pulled out my 9 month sized shirts from his dresser to be washed and added to the rotation. In about 3 weeks, he'll be halfway to one year old.
Thankfully, Dan and I are ageless. :)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of milestones for the Libutti family-what an exciting time! AND spring is coming-yeah! Love, Mommy