Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Little Lutheran.

Yesterday as I was straightening up the living room before dinner, this scene unfolded before me:

"Mom!" Michaela yells from down the hall. "Jenna has Oreo cookies and is taking the top off and smearing the cream filling onto her babies!"
"Oh," I reply. "Give her a baby wipe and tell her to clean them up."
I wait a few minutes.
"MOM!" Michaela yells again. "she's got it on her face and the babies' feet, too!"
I decide to fully investigate.

I get to Jenna's doorway and find that she has indeed opened up Oreos and covered her forehead and a few babies' foreheads with the cream filling. "Jenna!" I say to her. "What are you doing? Please clean up your babies and don't play with food like that."

"Mom." Jenna says, with the greatest level of condescension I have ever heard from her. She looks up at me with her chin tucked down and her eyebrows practically on top of her head, as if she's had to explain this to me a MILLION times:
"I'm BATH-TIZING them."


Anonymous said...

I can just SEE and HEAR Nenna saying "bath-tizing" in that condescending manner! Nothing like oreo creme for that SPECIAL baptism sacrament! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

Boy, did this make me smile! Sometimes I wish I could get inside kids' heads.....and sometimes I'm glad I can't! Love, LW