Monday, February 2, 2009

And then...

First I thought I had a quiet day planned.
A little laundry, a little cleaning.
Maybe go to the mall with Jenna this afternoon and walk around a bit.
I threw in my first load of laundry and decided to check my email.
Had my first panic attack of the day: forgot I had a meeting at church tonight at 7:30pm. Well, that's really no biggie.
Then I saw I am expected at another meeting at church at 7pm. Hmmm. Well, still, very doable. Go to one then the other.
Then I get an email from Michaela's Brownie troop leader that back in September I signed up to be the craft leader at the meeting. Tonight's meeting. At 6:30 to 8pm. And I had nothing planned.
Now I really start to panic.
I quickly email the second meeting chair the update they needed and beg off the meeting. I email the 7:30 meeting chair a quick note explaining I'll be late.
I search through the Brownie Handbook for suggested activities and find a perfect one: four separate activities that revolve around sewing.
I'll start my planning, run to Walmart for supplies, and have it done in plenty of time.

And then... Jenna started throwing up.


Anonymous said...

Oh didn't deserve this! But every cloud has a silver gave me a chuckle! Hope the rest of the family stays well! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

PS....I just realized this disaster happened on GROUNDHOG DAY....oh, no....hope you're not in for a constant replay of THIS experience. I have to add you took this in stride for a lot longer than I would have!!LW

Em said...

Ugh, SO sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes days just never go as they are planned. Can't wait til I have to start the juggle of 2 kids! (no really, I am looking forward to it....I am up for the challenge)

Anonymous said...

Of course I forgot to sign the last comment....from Jen Battle