Monday, February 23, 2009

A glimpse into what the future might hold.

Yikes! I didn't realize it's been a whole week since I last posted... this past week was school vacation and Vacation Bible School at our church and errands and Dan was home for a long weekend and all that kind of jazz.

But now Michaela's back at school, Dan's back at work, Jenna is playing quietly with her Polly Pockets next to me and laundry is whirring away around the corner from me.
Ahhh... the sweet smell of routine.

I have a quick story to tell you today that I heard at church on Sunday. There is a family who we've known for many years now who have two daughters aged 20-ish and just turned 18. The parents could not be lovelier, sweeter people: very nurturing and loving and well educated and always helping out other people. And their daughters are real pistols: very pretty and bright and feisty and disdainful (as most 18 to 21 year olds are) of their parents' constant MEDDLING in their lives. You know, making sure they are safe, educated and drug-free. REALLY intrusive stuff. :)

So the newly-eighteen year old is counting up her birthday money in front of the parents and announces, "Well, THAT should cover the cost of the tattoo!"

And I just pray- PRAY-that I am not telling the same story to a younger family at church in 10 years.


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE story and true, too! Who KNOWS what Miss Michaela and Miss Jenna will be like at those ages but you can ALWAYS say you and Danny did the best you could by your babies-the foundation you provided was admirable-the rest is up to them! Keep up the good work and persevere-it is worth it because someday you will have grandbabies like Dad and I have! Love from Mommy

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh.....and I know just who this story's about! And they're such GOOD girls once they get over their life's mission of pushing their poor parents to the precipice! I remember 18 and 21 too....and wondering WHY my sons lay awake nights thinking of ways to torment me....and could they BE any more wonderful now?!! Love, LW