Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Epilouge and other stuff.

... so Jenna only threw up twice and then made a slow but steady recovery.
My mom came and watched her while I went to Walmart.
I got everything done and by 6:30pm, I was teaching 14 Brownies the fine, useful and beautiful art of sewing.
I went to my second meeting and was home by 9:45pm.
Of course, at around 10 I decided I was hungry so I sat down with my Vienna Mocha Chunk ice cream. I was not the least bit tired and by 12:05am, I was sucked into watching Intervention on A&E.
(Have you seen this show? I have never been able to tear myself away once I start watching... it profiles, documentary-style, people who struggle with addictions of all types and it is the most compelling TV I've ever seen. The family all gather in one room at the end for the intervention and I never fail to sob- SOB- watching the family proclaim their love for the addicted person, begging them to get help, and the addicted person lashes back in any which way they can. Some get angry, some leave the room, some just crumble under the love of their family and friends. Most agree to go to rehab. The hardest part of watching the show is the last minute, when they tell you what happened: how long the person was treated and whether they are still sober. You just hold your breath and pray, pray, pray that the person has had success and found some type of peace and healing and is getting their life back together again. Some do. And some don't.)
So after watching a 14 year old son tell his alcoholic mother that he would give his own life so that she could be healed from her addiction- try watching THAT without crying- she did go to rehab and was successful. And then another episode came on and of course I got sucked into that one.
By 2am, I turned off the TV and tried to go to sleep. And yes, I did feel like I got hit by a truck the next morning when Jenna roused me at 7:15am.

Today we ventured out to the mall just to walk around a little and be out amongst other people. Here are the highlights:
1. On the elevator at JCPenney, a woman smiled at us and her four top teeth all had enormous caps... which were solid gold. That's a big look.
2. Kelly green is the in color for spring.
3. Williams-Sonoma sells a gorgeous book called Family Meals (I think... maybe Family Cooking? Family Something?) and it a beautiful how-to book about cooking family-friendly meals, holidays, and projects, along with great suggestions for how to get kids involved in the cooking process and how to start traditions. Well worth the $33 they were charging.
4. I was shocked at how many stores are out of business in our local mall, how many stores were selling items at very deep discounts, and how little inventory some stores had. Even the pet store only had three or four dogs! Clearly the retail woes are real and here and this was the first time I saw stores looking very different than what I'm used to.
Unfortunately, I did nothing to help this situation as I only bought some tights for the girls, pretzel bites and a lemonade.
Total spent: $15.


Anonymous said...

These truly are difficult times for so many in the economy. At least you did YOUR part with the tights and pretzel! Glad Jenna is feeling better! Love, Mommy

Mark, Carrie, and Luke Winterhoff said...

We were waiting at the edge of our seats for the follow-up to the throw up story. Glad to hear it wasn't too catastrophic. P.S. Mark LOVES the Intervention show as well... I usually tell him just to DVR it and fast-forward to the end so we can see if the person has recovered so I don't have to get too emotionally involved ;)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for Gammie who risked life and limb (at least stomach contents) to babysit with sick Jenna. You're a hero for coming through THAT day in one piece! Love, LW