Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Cometh.

The whole house breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when Michaela came home triumphantly displaying her front tooth in a plastic bag. Now she has a huge, absolutely adorable gap in the front of her mouth and she instantly looks about three years older. I am not as sad as I thought I'd be, seeing her gappy grin, most likely because I feel like the tooth has been loose since I was pregnant with Jenna in 2005.
So we did the whole tooth under the pillow thing and I heard Jenna and Michaela discussing the Tooth Fairy in their room (Michaela on the top bunk, Jenna on the bottom) for at least twenty minutes after I'd turned out their light. Jenna was concerned about this strange fairy coming into their room, is she nice, is she scary, will she see me, etc. until I told her she is as loving and non-scary as her godmother Judy and that seemed to satisfy her.
Michaela woke me up this morning waving her two dollar bills with delight and all was well. Now we are back to eating normally and brushing our teeth normally and it appears that some anxiety of Michaela's has been alleviated.
In other magical creature news, I had the girls make out their lists to Santa Claus last night. I "consulted" with Santa and he knew about all of requests on Jenna list but has to "start over" with Michaela's because the items were all new to him, if you get my drift.
That silly Santa.
I was thinking about Christmas and all the work moms do to get ready for it, and it reminded me of being in college and cramming for finals. There is all these different classes (English composition, finance, consumer arts, interior design, culinary arts) and a strict due date (December 25th) and every woman is trying to study and wrap up their projects in time to get graded so they can relax and party. And it seems just a bit unfair that the men only have to show up on the day before and enjoy the party. I love it when men, smug and self-satisfied, say "Well, I 'm done with my shopping" when they have bought one gift for their wife and brought it to a service counter to get it wrapped. Whew... that was tough. And stressful.
Meanwhile the women are doing all the running around and the planning and decision making and decorating and party planning and card making and always comparing with other women "how they're coming along"- Are you done with your shopping? How's your wrapping? Did you send out your cards? And the truth is, unless you really love the person you're asking, you secretly loathe that woman when she says she is closer to being finished than you.
Women make the holiday. And in our house, the men just pay for it.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Miminator lost the tooth! I was beginning to wonder if she would have it her whole life. Can't wait to see her with her gap. I remember asking you and Brian what you wanted for Christmas and cringing when you changed you minds due to TV advertising but you still seemed to love what you got no matter what it was. Maybe you were just good actors! The whole getting ready for the holidays is SUCH a competition and race and SO much work but worth it! Yes, men have not a clue what is involved but thank goodness we are blessed to have good men who encourage us to be home and let them pay for it all! Love, Mommy

Claudia said...

Oh boy, this sounds all too familiar: I am planning weeks ahead for Christmas and Michael starts on the morning of December 24 (in Germany this is the main Holiday and the shops are only open until noon or so) and buys all the presents and the food. "This is plenty of time!" Any questions? ;o) But I do enjoy what I am doing. Have a great pre-Christmas time!