Friday, December 12, 2008

T-shirts! T-shirts!

This is a great, true story told to me this week by Jenna's preschool teacher.

The four year old preschool class goes on a field trip every year to our local grocery store. Apparently, they had a different, slightly less sensitive tour guide last week. When the tour entered the freezer area, the guide was going on and on about how hard the workers labored in the freezer... so much so that they don't have to wear coats.
"Some of them only wear wifebeaters!" she proudly declared to 15 four year olds and their open-mouthed parents.
"T-shirts! She means t-shirts! Can you believe they only wear t-shirts in this cold room?" the preschool teacher said as quickly as possible.
When telling me the story later, the preschool teacher said, "I must have said the word t-shirts six times..."

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog!! Good thing she didn't say just "beaters"!!! : ) Jen Day

Anonymous said...

I can just HEAR AND SEE Kathy correcting the tour guide! Poor Kathy-she must have been mortified and I am confident no 4 year old was offended! God love Kathy and all she and Lisa do! Mom