Monday, December 15, 2008

Icy icy ice storm.

Here's the short version, because the longer version's kinda boring: Power goes out at 1 am Friday. For the next few hours, all is quiet except for the sound of branches being bent from trees and crashing to the ground. A fire siren goes off every half hour. In the morning, we pack up and head to my parents'. They are gracious enough to warmly host us as we wait for the next 36 hours for our power to come back on. The gas fireplace in our family room works, so the house doesn't fall below 57 degrees.

Sweet, sweet relief when we walk back into our freshly warmed house on Saturday night.

Here are some pictures:

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Anonymous said...

We were HAPPY to have you here-we were like PIONEERS except with power! HA HA! It was fun to be together. Wa would have it 24/7 if he had it his way! So glad you are happily home in your warm abode! The pictures are amazing. Love, Mommy