Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas: A Pictoral Essay.

We had a jam-packed holiday and while I'm exhausted, I'm happy and not quite ready for it to be all over.
Here's some pictures I took along the way.

The Church Pageant.

The big family picture for Paga.

The newest Guitar Hero.

The climber, also known as Baby Kate, investigating Gammie's fridge.

The cake, the brownies, the fudge. Oh, all the fudge.
The cookies.

The lamp. Yup, THAT lamp.
Thank Goodness it's PopPop's.

The Mr. Libuttis.

The Mrs. Libuttis.

The girls with their Grandpa Paga and Ann.

The photobook full of NYC pictures from Aunt Michele and Aunt Jaime.

The presents for Michaela.

The presents for Jenna.

The aftermath.

The matching Hannah Montana pajamas.

The Strauss-Libutti Offspring.

The Aunts.

The Cousins (who could be sisters!).

The Cousins.

The Cousins.

The Paga thinks about getting a Wii for himself.

The competition playing tennis. The intensity!

The seven-year-old in heaven: listening to the new yellow iPod,
wearing the new jacket, and the Wii in the background.

The love.

The love.

The Libutti Family love.
The best presents I've ever gotten. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Che-as always, you have captured so beautifully the essence of the events! Bravo! Didn't we have a spectacular Christmas and post-Christmas time? We are blessed beyond measure. Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...

May 2009 bring you as much joy and blessings as it looks like 2008 ended with. You bring US joy and blessings by sharing your family with us so artfully! Love, LW