Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A story about parts we don't even have.

Some of you have heard this story already, but it's such a good one that I wanted to share with all my readers and record it for eternity.

Michaela came home on Thursday of last week with this story:
"Mommy, do you want to hear the meanest story you've ever heard?"
"Sure," I answer.
"We were running laps today at school and Ryan and Andrew were racing each other. Ryan was winning and Andrew didn't like that so guess what he did?"
"What?" I ask.
"He punched him as hard as he could down there (pointing to her own private area for purposes of illustration)... you know... in the NUTS!"

I did everything I could not to laugh right out loud. The idea of my sweet princess saying the words NUTS and know what that means absolutely cracked me up. We have never, ever used the word nuts in the house and I don't think she has any idea what boy parts are. We later came to understand that poor Ryan, in his agony, was yelling out, "My nuts! My nuts!" post-strike from Andrew.

"But then guess what I did? I rubbed Ryan's back when he got up so he would feel better."
"Well, that was very nice, Mimi... very compassionate." I launch into a whole discussion about what compassion is and finish it up by saying that it hurt Ryan so bad because boy private parts are on the outside of their body and girls are on the inside (throwin' in a little education while we're at it.)

Michaela's response:"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard."

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Mr and Mrs Willi said...

Tooo funny! Boys are so gross anyway.
Thinking of your mom today! Hope all goes well.
Grandmugger Willi <><