Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It was a dark and stormy Tuesday.

It's thunderstorming out today... it's dark and cool and rumbly and wet outside and cozy and warm inside. Jenna was a bit distressed that Michaela had to go out to the bus in this weather. Michaela was unfazed.
Jenna and I are going out shopping to Walmart in a few minutes.
Her outfit?
Turquoise and white halter top, denim jean shorts, her Dora the Explorer winter hat and gloves (to keep her dry) and her recently repaired flip flops. A strap came loose and we had to glue it together. She is thrilled with the fix. So thrilled that she is now giving me a rock concert of High School Musical 2 songs being sung into a microphone. She's really, really into singing songs- both real and made up - into microphones the last few days.
I wish I had a working camera... I'd post a photo.

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Anonymous said...

I can just see her in her garb! Only fellow mothers can understand why a three year old wears what she wears and refuses to remove it. Jenna's musical career is taking off! Do we have a budding Miley Cyrus on our hands-God, I hope not! Love, Gammster