Friday, January 18, 2013

Holiday Wrap Up, Part II: Holiday Pageants.

December brought with it the requisite programs from Sunday School and preschool, all full of wriggly, adorable kids all bright and shiny, and Christmas music sung with great enthusiasm.

Michaela had a small speaking part in the Sunday School pageant- no more dressing up as an angel or shepard for her- and did her usual stellar job.

Jenna sang with the kids choir at the pageant and really belted out her "Rum-a-pum-pums" from the Little Drummer Boy.  I mean, REALLY belted it out.

And then we had the Preschool Christmas program.

I was a little nervous about this one because I wasn't there... I left the morning of the program to go out to MA to be with my mom and dad for my dad's surgery.  I left lots of instructions about his outfit, shoes, alternate outfits, alternate shoes, don't force him to wear a jacket (Alec hates coats of any kind), etc, etc, etc.  Turns out Dan is the Sensory Boy Whisperer and not only got him into his Christmas outfit, he even got Alec to wear his new black Christmas shoes.  Victory for Daddy!

All the three year olds wear "singing crowns" which is fine gold garland wrapped around their heads and only serves to make each and every child look even more like a literal angel and moves most parents to tears.  Having watched Michaela and Jenna both enjoy wearing their singing crowns, and having seen Alec's shoulders shoot up any time anything foreign touches a hair on his head, I was fully prepared to not see the singing crown adorn Alec's head.

So imagine my surprise when our Pastor, who was kind enough to skype the Christmas program to my parents' iPad in the hospital room so I could be part of it, brings the image of the kids up onscreen and there is my little boy, properly dressed, standing in front of the church, AND WEARING HIS SINGING CROWN.  This may not seem like a big deal to most, but this was a true victory in my eyes.  I was so proud of him, I almost cried.  Even his teacher was surprised and happy for this development.

I was proud of all my munchkins this Christmas season!

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Anonymous said...

You are proud with good reason-everyone rose to the challenge of no mommy/wife there to orchestrate it all! THAT was their job-to be good and cooperative and they did it! WHAT A MONTH!!! Glad it is over! Love, Mom and Dad