Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming Up for Air.

I apologize, dear blog and dear readers, for my utter lack of attention to you... December was a bit of a blur and things are finally, one by one, settling down into their correct places and now I can actually think and process. And breathe.  When I'm not coughing.

So here's the short version: we get the name of a surgeon for my dad, an appointment is scheduled, a surgery date is set, Christmas preparations go into overdrive, we celebrate Christmas in early December with my parents, they leave for MA, my brother flew in from Chicago, we drove out to MA, my dad had his surgery, Brian leaves, I leave, I come home to a husband who has just contracted the flu, Christmas baking ensues, wrapping is done at a breakneck pace, last minute gifts are bought, I develop a horrific chest cold and cough, Christmas Eve arrives, hair and makeup and clothes are styled, pictures are taken, hubby is still down for the count, Christmas Morning!!  SANTA comes! My cough gets worse, trips to see my parents are delayed, my dad is discharged from the hospital but can't leave MA yet, Dan and I lie on the couch and try not to breathe on each other, New Year's Eve finds us home asleep in our jammies, I sound like I am coughing up at least a few lungs, maybe more, Dan and I take naps to try to recoup, the kids go back to school, my dad has an awesome followup appointment with the surgeon and gets the green light to come home, I start to feel a smidgen better, and today my mom and dad returned home.


Intermingled with all of that is lots of pretty pictures of my dolled up babies and lots of insights I gained about myself, prayer, community of believers, what God wants from us, and miracles.

Lots of posts to follow. 
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Quite the December/January! Better days ahead with you both feeling better, the holidays behind you, and Pops feeling much better! Thank you for all you did to make us rest easy in MA AND to make Christmas sooo special for everyone despite all that was swirling around you! You are incredible, beloved daughter, and we love you soooo much and are proud beyond measure to call you daughter! Love from Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

I will definitely stay tuned! You had a lot to take care of - and so had your parents, Brian and the whole family of yours. What a great start into the new year to have your Dad feeling so much better and to have your parents home again! All the best for the new year, and get well soon!

Love, Claudia

Anonymous said...

Phew! I got tired just reading your blog. I'm so sorry you got sick too. I hope you both are feeling better. I know having Mom and Dad home makes each day brighter. Keep breathing and rest in the New Year. Love you. Char

Anonymous said...

Reading about your family's progression thru BIG and smaller health issues makes me very sad that you had to endure them at all, but VERY thankful that you saw and experienced God in the midst of them. May 2013 bring peace and strength and healing! Love, LW