Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

(A few days late.)

I am not much of a resolution girl, but I do love me some goals, so I always like to set a few targets to reach for the New Year.  But first, I like to look back and see what was accomplished in the year previous.  This was made into a game we played at the dinner table on New Year's Eve where we made up the 2012 Libutti Family Year in Review Trivia Challenge and asked the kids to recall some big and some small things that happened over the year (Name the address of our vacation house on Cape Cod.  What National Park did we go to and see a reenactment of the Revolutionary War?).

So here are my biggest accomplishments of 2012:
1.  I was part of a miracle and saw God working through me as clearly as if He had been standing right next to me. 
2.  I worked really hard with Alec and his therapists to help him get better.  And he did.
3.  I lost about 20 pounds.
4.  I rode my bike again for the first time in three years.
5.  I went kayaking for the first time.
6.  Our family enjoyed a week long vacation to Cape Cod.
7.  We did a few really satisfying home improvement projects.
8.  I helped Michaela successfully transition to Middle School.
9.  I helped Alec successfully transition to preschool.
10.  I dedicated another year of my life to raising my children to be loving, kind, and well-adjusted human beings.

And here are some goals for 2013:
1. Lose another 20 pounds.
2. Finish at least THREE of the DOZENS of projects I have bought supplies for and have great desire to do but have not followed through on.
3.  Clean out our basement.
4.  Enjoy another Cape Cod vacation.
5.  Be the best mom I can be to my three greatest blessings: Michaela, Jenna and Alec.
6.  Pay more attention to my blog.
7.  Take more yoga classes.
8.  Reduce the amount of sugar coming into our house, being baked with in our house, and being consumed by every member of our household.
9.  Reorganize and redecorate our home office.
10. Hike at least one of the Adirondack High Peaks, and start our family on the road to hiking all 46.

Happy New Year, and here's to fresh starts!!

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Anonymous said...

You accomplished a great deal in 2012, Cheryl, and have wonderful goals for 2013! Enjoy the year, my beloved daughter! Mom