Monday, March 7, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Jenna and her fellow puppies and one of the puppies' older sister, who indeed let the dogs out,
at last week's dress rehearsal

Jenna and her good friend Hallie

Getting ready backstage

Our school's Lip Sync Concert is this coming Thursday evening, and we all couldn't be more happy: the girls are thrilled to perform their songs in front of a live audience, and all the moms in our school are happy that it will soon be over.

It takes a fair amount of planning, coordinating, rehearsals, costume designing and choreography to put together a decent Lip Sync performance. And let me be clear: no one is actually Lip Sync-ing anything. This is a dance recital. It's ALL about the dancing.
A girl in Michaela's group is a competitive dancer, and when her mom, who is new to the Lip Sync scene, saw the dress rehearsal, she said to me,"Did you know that it was like this? This is more involved that the dance competitions we go to with Shauna."

Yes, I did know it was like this and yet I signed up to have not one, but two girls involved.
But it turned out that Michaela and her friends were totally self-sufficient; they designed their costumes, developed the choreography, and even arranged their rehearsals independently. Jenna's group, being made up of kindergartners, needed a little more help and I volunteered to help with costumes. She's lip-sync-ing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" with four of her classmates and they are all outfitted with dalmatian costumes. Our main goal was to have them look SOOOO CUTE that if they completely forgot their dance moves no one would notice because they are so busy ooohing and ahhhing over them.

Thankfully the other moms in the group were all a joy to work with, so no angst ever arose.
It is also a joy to have an event at the school that is so well-supported and the kids are all so excited about; it's a great community-builder within the school.
We're looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Jenna makes an adorable "puppy." Both girls will do wonderfully in their performances! Love, Gammie and Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

Good luck to that sweet dalmation and her big sister.....I want to see pictures of Michaela's group too! Love, LW

The Davies Family said...

What a cute little puppy. I hope it went well tonight!