Friday, March 11, 2011

On Being Woken Up.

So I woke up this morning as I do every morning, waiting for Alec to wake up and start crying. I got him, grabbed his morning bottle, settled in on the couch and flicked on the TV. All the video was just starting to pour in about the horrible earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami. It's just heartbreaking, seeing all of that debris and know that people's precious belongings are being washed away, that people are probably trapped under buildings, and the overwhelming feeling of not even knowing where to start to clean it all up.

As MSNBC (I'm a rabid "morning joe" watcher... I love me some Joe Scarborough in the morning. And Willie Geist! Ohhh! LOOOOVE him! Mika I am sort of attached to, mostly because I love hearing her Scarsdale-influenced, unendingly self-righteous attitude. And for all her moaning and groaning about women in the workplace and fairness, her legs, which are gorgeous, are quite prominently figured in all of the bumper pictures as they come and go to commercial. You'd think she'd be screaming about sexism and being treated like an object and all that. But I digress.) and CNN start airing their BREAKING NEWS crawls and synopses on the bottom of the screen, one in particular struck me as funny. Every station I watched had a reporter or anchor very solemly-whispering, almost- stating that "President Obama was awoken at 4am to be told of this disaster," like his sleep being inturrupted only underscored the seriousness of this event.

Sure, hundreds of people have been killed or are missing, a city is all but destroyed, but we had to WAKE THE PRESIDENT. This is BIG TIME.

And let me tell you, I have spent the better part of the last nine YEARS being woken up at four in the morning, and many times it involved having to clean up copious amounts of puke or pee.

That's a crisis.
That's having to spring to life and do something unpleasant.

And no one's whispering THAT on the morning news.

Mrs. Libutti was awoken at 4am this morning to the news that her daughter had puked on her sheets, comforter and the floor. Details are still sketchy; we do believe that the sheets were changed, but we are waiting confirmation on this. Hopefully we will have raw video on the air within the hour. If you have information on this disaster, send us your photos or video via email. Or post your information about the vomit and subsequent cleanup efforts on our Facebook page or twitter.


Anonymous said...

YOU are a riot!!! I look forward to the newstory and video! Mom

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how your mind works, you funny Mom! LW