Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Crap: "Spring" Edition.

I put Spring in quotes because, as Michaela says, air quotes means it isn't true. Today is the first full day of spring and we got two inches of slushy snow, right after we watched with great joy the biggest of the snow piles melt away over the last week or so. I've got to think that this weather makes us hardier, or at least more accepting of bitter disappointments in life.

I'm serving chicken strips, smiley fries, and broccoli for dinner tonight. I justify this to myself by pointing out that I pay more for chicken strips, not re-congealed 'nuggets' of chicken.

I set up the first meeting for Alec's speech eval today. The service coordinator- the same one we used when Jenna was eval'd back in 2006- is coming on Friday morning. I had a good time telling her what a pistol Jenna turned out to be after she turned about 4.

A plumber came by today to look at some leaky faucets. He's going to fix them on Thursday. Cross another few things off the mental To-Do list.

I got my hair done today and am the blondest I've ever been. 2011 seemed like a good year to try and put myself back together after having three babies.

Jenna announced that she would like to be called "Jenna D" from now on. It is a variation on Jenna-deeski that my dad has been calling her for years. She also has made it clear that she dislikes the nickname "Jen."

I planted the seed in the girls' heads that I want them to do some actvities this summer. Michaela agreed and Jenna immediately dug in her heels at the idea. Mimi will do the VBS program, quilt camp, and Girl Scout camp. Jenna has only agreed to visit quilt camp one day "just to watch."

Speaking of seeds, I am starting to plan out a small garden for the spring. I'd like to grow pumpkins, cukes, and peas. I am going against my natural instinct to plan enough to feed a small army and am trying to start small.

Jenna has been invited to a rash of birthday parties lately- four in the last four weeks. She enjoys them... and I enjoy chatting with the other moms during the parties.

I read a recipe for a honey bread in the newspaper recently and now am hankering to make some bread. I wish I was the kind of mom who only served their kids homemade bread, but it's just not in the cards right now. Maybe in a few years, and then I can be all casual and self-righteous about it, like, "Oh, I BAKE my own bread... doesn't EVERYONE?"

Alec has starteda new thing recently: I type on my computer standing up at my kitchen counter, and he enjoys weaseling in between the cabinets and my legs and pushing. That means I end up typing with my arms extended, slightly off balance, with him whimpering around my ankles. Sometimes I push him back and he giggles.

Dan and I (and Alec) are planning a day trip to NJ to go to an Ikea store and The Container Store. There is not a car big enough to carry back all the things I want to buy there.

Alec's obsession with SpongeBob Squarepants continues.

Hot foods in our house right now: Fruit by the Foot, S'mores flavored Goldfish crackers, clementines, and cheese sticks.

Dan has his six-month followup appointment for his knee next week. Hard to believe it's been that long since his surgery.

We are a few weeks away from buying our new television. Dan and Michaela are the most excited.

I signed up to coach Jenna's soccer team with a few friends whose daughters are friends with Jenna. I was telling my brother about how on the form it asked whether I'd played soccer past the high school varsity level and Brian asked if there was a space to write My feet have never worn cleats. But then the crushing news came that too many parents signed up to coach (another reason why I love my town) and they wouldn't be needing us. I am hoping to buy some sporty new outfits anyway.

I was reading some old blog posts from when Jenna was two, and I had forgotten how tough she was. In one post she threw a temper tantrum and when I put her in the car to go home, she took off her shoes and threw them at me in the front seat. I told her a few stories and she just smiled.

And that's about all from here.


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks TOTALLY AWESOME, beautiful daughter! I love you as a blonde! Actually, I love you no matter WHAT COLOR your hair is! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I LOVE when you catch us up on Life with Libuttis! You would have been an awesome soccer coach....cleats or'll be much cuter in sandals anyway! Love, LW