Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Yesterday was a particularly challenging parenting day, filled with lots of energy and chaos of playdates and somewhat obnoxious attitudes and bad behavior and threats of consequences and Long Talks in Cars About Future Behavior While Trying to Maintain A Normal Speaking Tone of Voice While the Other Person is Crying.

Yesterday was the kind of day that I said to Dan, "I worry about how Michaela and I are going to get along in about 5 years or so."

His reply: "Me, too."

Yesterday was a day in which I asked myself a hundred times, What would my parents do? What would they have thought if this were happening to them?

Yesterday was a day that Michaela told me for the first time, "I'm not speaking to you!" with as much vehemence as she could muster, then about 20 minutes later asked me to lay down on my bed and read to her. Two picture books.

Yesterday was the kind of day that I worried that I am not doing my job of raising a full-spirited, whole-feeling child particularly well. Yesterday I worried that I was- at the same time- doing too much and not enough. Then I stuck to my guns and felt like I did the right things.

Yesterday was a day that I was glad to have my Ace in the Hole, should I ever have to use it: a spare bedroom at my parents' house.

Yesterday was a day in which I wasn't sure if I'd send Michaela to use that bedroom... or take it for myself.

Yesterday was a tough parenting day. But we got through it. And it certainly won't be the last.


Anonymous said...

Don't you DARE worry about the teen years---by that time, you will have had plenty of practice outwitting Miss M and setting boundries for her which she seems to like as all kids do. You are the best loving mom and your children ADORE YOU so do not worry one smidgen. The teen years are challenging for both parents AND children but you are DEFINITELY up to the challenge and can always run stuff by Danny who has great sense. M just likes to pull your chain and get a reaction out of you because she is smart and will make a terrific lawyer or arbitrator! Worry not-fortunately, God gives us MANY years to prepare us for the teen years! You will do GREAT!!!! Love, Mommy

Winterhoff Family said...

Loved this post and your honesty about how hard some days can be. You are a great mom- Don't doubt yourself. Hang in there and save all those little tidbits that end up working so you can pass them on to those of us who are a few years behind you in this parenting adventure!
p.s. We are still laughing about your previous Easter Bunny post, too!