Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Great House Fiasco of 2010, Part 4: The Climax

We got our house!
Remember that post I wrote about selling our house a few days ago? This house makes me feel LOTS better about leaving.

The negotiations started at about 4pm, had a counter offer and another counter offer, and we found out at 9:55pm that they had accepted our terms. Besides the house, we got all the appliances, a washer and dryer (yay!), a hot tub (double yay!), and four stools that Dan and I loved that fit perfectly at the breakfast bar.
Oh, yes... there's a breakfast bar. I've ALWAYS wanted a breakfast bar. And I've got to tell you, I am really psyched about getting those stools.
We close on or before June 30th.
We are elated, overwhelmed, incredulous, and really, really excited about living in that house for the next, oh, 30 years or so.


Claudia said...

Congratulations! Is it far away from your parents' home? Will you still be able to make the same turns on the street you are used to coming home?

Em said...

Congrats! I'll keep my fingers crossed until you close.....

Anonymous said...

C & D, congratulations on your new home. It is absolutely beautiful from out outside. I can't wait to see the inside and all that you will do to make it your own and I know you are going to make some fantastic memories there. We are so happy for you. You write the most incredible stories about your lives. I just love your blog. Again, congratulations and what a beautiful neighborhood to take walks in. Love Char