Friday, January 22, 2010

Updates and whatnot.

So here's the latest rundown:

1. Michaela... just got registered to play soccer this spring per her request... is still having trouble understanding that she needs to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush her hair and brush her teeth before 8:50am when her bus comes... lost her tv and Wii privileges for today because she "forgot" that she had to brush her teeth... is getting a tooth pulled next Thursday... did great on her math test this week- 94%... is in a group that is going to dance and sing to "New York, New York" at the school's Lip Synch Concert on February 10th... made a sign that says "Ameracan Idol! Rocks!" to hold up while the theme song to American Idol comes on... can't stop buying stuff at her school store (erasers shaped like dice, erasers shaped like cell phones, water bottles, pencils, fancy pens, etc....)... recently drew a picture of her Dream House and it has specific rooms for a hot tub, basketball court, yoga, Wii, music, ice cream and features a huge swimming pool... is looking forward to going ice skating with some friends soon.

2. Jenna... some days, never stops talking (and we were so worried when she didn't start talking until she was 18 months old)... loves shrimp... apparently also loves raw chicken because she stole a bite-sized piece off my cutting board and ate it, much to our horror (she was fine)... was the weather person at school on Wednesday... talked us into getting some of her packed away baby dolls out of the attic last week... got her kindergarten registration in the mail... loves anything to do with Alvin and the Chipmunks... has totally stopped wearing diapers, even at night... has some really funny dreams and loves to talk about them... loves her little brother "Alet"... is probably going to have some short term speech therapy in the spring to fix the c,k, and g issue before kindergarten (we're just starting to look into it).

3. Alec... has inexplicably stopped sleeping for longer than 90 minutes at a time at night, which is killing me... is almost 4 months old already... has discovered the joy of planting his little fingers in my hair and pulling... is almost totally over his cough... may be teething, maybe not, but there sure is a lot of drool goin' on... is losing the newborn hair on the back of his head and has a fine layer of very blond hair all over his head... is growing and growing and laughing and smiling and cooing and is deeeee-licious, which is good because I could kill him after getting up for the fourth time at night.

4. Dan... is very busy at work... just found out that the cause of $2000 worth of damage to his car (two new rims, two new tires and a new tailpipe) was caused by a lawn mower blade he hit on the road and was discovered wedged up underneath the car... has very competently negotiated with several contractors to get the best price possible for the new roof, new windows and new front door we're getting next month... has been falling asleep on the couch when we both are watching DVR'd shows and he has the remote, rendering me trapped to watch the commercials (the horror!!).

5. Cheryl... is trying to keep up with it all... is tired. But happy.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I am exhausted just READING about it all and YOU live it! Sounds like a typical January for a wonderful and busy family we love to pieces! The lawnmower story is UNREAL! Love, Mommy

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me feel like we've had a wonderful, in-depth visit with your dear family! Love, LW

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Anonymous said...

What a busy family you are, ah, those were the days! I so enjoy your blog and the updates. Unbelievable about Dan's car. Who would have thought a lawnmower blade lying in the road! Love Char