Monday, June 15, 2009

Third Person Singular, I think.

The last couple of afternoons in our house have gotten rather toasty, temperature-wise. Combine this with the bursts of productivity I've enjoyed (nothing says happiness than NEW FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS!!! That SNAP TOGETHER!!! And NEST!!!) and the approximately 7 foot long, 150 pound fetus I'm carrying right under my chin and I've been gettin' a little sweaty.

This being hot is an entirely new phenomenon for me, who usually runs so cold that I have blankets stashed in all areas of the house. Dan is convinced I have long ago broken my internal thermostat, never to be a regular temperature regulating warm-blooded human again, to which I reply,"Yeah, sure... now move your legs closer to mine so I can feel their warmth."

All of this working and sweating and busy-ness has also lead me to mutter alot under my breath little commentary of what I'm doing and what I'm going to do next, along with lots of groaning if I have to stand up, moaning if I have to change positions, and lots of general whimpering if I can't breathe well. Most of it sounds like this," O-KAY! Next... onto some laundry... oooooooooohhhh that hurts Mommy's hip.... Mommy's getting old..." all said to no one in particular. And I have ended up on more that one occasion saying, "Whew! Mommy's HOT!!! It's HOT!!! Are you HOT, girls? Isn't it HOT? 'Cause Mommy's HOT!" and Michaela or Jenna look at me slightly puzzled and say, "No, I'm fine."

And yes, I do call myself "Mommy" even to myself, which is something I clearly inherited from my own dear mother who still, with children aged 30-(Something, COUGH) and 29, calls herself Mommy to us. I distinctly remember a time when I was about 15 or 16 and said to her "Mom... I know you're my mom. I have a clear understanding of who you are and your relationship to me. You can just say, 'Bring it to me' instead of 'Bring it to Mommy'." And she just smiled and said, "Mommy thinks you're funny!"

No, actually she didn't say that. I made that up.

But she did sort of intimate that it is just a habit that starts in your children's youth and is very hard to break. And now I understand because I do the exact same thing.


Anonymous said...

CUTE post! I can totally relate to the being hot syndrome! Yours is probably hormonal while mine is probably AGE related! YIKES! Yes, I always referred to myself as "Mommy" in the third person-as in "Do it for mommy, OK?" WHAT do we turn into as moms? Don't worry, Che, it will all work out and someday you may hear Micheala and Jenna refer to THEMSELVES as Mommy! Then you can smile like I am right now! Love you! Mommy

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see Mommy and the family! Love, Lw