Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009: Day 2

Well, reality has set in.

I woke up this morning to Jenna yelling "MOMMY!" to wake me up, Michaela yelling at Jenna for waking HER up, and general crabbiness and sullen-ness all around. "You haven't given ME love this morning!" "I want MY breakfast first!" etc, etc, etc.

So I gave them the Standard Mom Speech #437, available for all moms with two children or more: The "It's Going To Be A Looooong Summer If This Is How You're Going to Behave Towards Each Other" speech. And eventually they had a little something to eat, got a little love, and started the day on a better note.

And the rest of the day was very good: lunch out with my parents at the DEE-LICIOUS diner in town and then we swam the afternoon away at their pool. Swimming feels sooo good on my back (and, come to think of it, my front as well)... the buoyancy makes me feel hardly pregnant instead of starting the third trimester.

Tonight we are off to Dan's softball game and then to a graduation party, which should be fun.

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Anonymous said...

And thus, summer 2009 begins! It will be a wonderful time as the Libutti family awaits the arrival of Master Libutti and enjoys the pace of summer without so many structured activities. Let the fun begin! Love, Mommy/Gammie/MIL