Friday, June 19, 2009

Best-Dressed Fetus In Town.

Found these adorable shoes (the black ones are patent pleather and the booties are suede) and sweater in the bargain sale bins at Gymboree yesterday. The shoes were originally $19.50 for each pair and I paid only 99 cents each. The sweater? Only $4.99. I so rarely ever find hidden treasure sales like this that I was beside myself.
I called Dan when Jenna and I got home from shopping and wanted lots of kudos because I resisted all of the other sale rack boy clothes, which were all part of a matching line of uber-preppy kelly green and navy plaid shorts, long sleeve green gingham check button downs, shorty overalls, and short sleeve golf shirts. They were just delicious. But alas, I really don't know how big or small Baby Boy will be by next summer and would be heartbroken if I had bought the wrong size.

So, who's hormones are raging? Who's nesting instinct is a little out of control?

I have NO IDEA WHO or WHAT you are talking about.


Mark, Carrie, and Luke Winterhoff said...

I LOVE these great finds, and can appreciate how challenging it can be to find baby boy clothing/accessories! Great bargains, friend- I can't wait to see future blog photos of that little man all dressed up!

Anonymous said...

WHAT BARGAINS! Baby Boy Libutti will look FAB in them. I wonder if his big sisters will want to "trim" his hair in later years? Love, Mommy