Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who's up for a little Product Review?

1. Johnson's body care Deep Hydrating Extra Dry Skin Lotion: I bought this a couple of weeks ago and really like it. What makes it blog-worthy is the write up on the back, which I discovered a few days ago ('cause, really, who READS the back of a lotion bottle?) and am still mesmerized by.

She is a natural, instinctive
caregiver. She wants
the best for herself
and her loved ones.
She loves this rich, creamy
intensive moisturizing lotion with a
touch of oil inside, because it helps relieve
rough, thirsty skin in just one application
and continues to hydrate for 24 hours.
Her spirit is beautifully nurturing.
Her skin loves JOHNSON'S.
WOW! Is this ME? Am I the natural, instinctive caregiver? Is MY spirit beautifully nurturing? Isn't my lotion making some rather large assumptions about me as a mom? I mean, hey, I'm happy for the vote of confidence- everyone likes to be told they're doing a good job- but does my JOHNSON'S really know anything about my parenting skills?
Even so, I have to admit I love my lotion a little more every time I use it. Because it likes me and thinks I'm AWESOME.

2. Wyler's Mrs. Grass Soup Mix- Extra Noodles: I was in the soup aisle today at the grocery store and this fun little blue box caught my eye. On impulse, I threw it in my cart and made it today for lunch. It looked warm, simmer-y, and welcoming. And extra-noodle-y. How can I go wrong?
Well, I boiled it up and waited for it to cool. I took my first bite and was blown away... by how much it tasted exactly how an old woman's house smells. A little mothball, a little perfume, a little staleness and several indistinct cooked food scents. Yeah, think of your own Grandma's house and imagine biting into it.
I have no idea what Mrs. Grass puts in her soup to make it taste this way, but I was repulsed and drawn to it at the same time. I couldn't ignore the beautiful egg noodles swirling around and had to finish it.
But I didn't feel very good about myself afterwards, eating my grandma's house and all.

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Anonymous said...

Satin Hands...Monday! AND I cannot WAIT to try Mrs. Grass' Soup Mix-sounds dis-gusting! You make me laugh even on a COLD day when I am cleaning out paper folders! Love, Mommy