Thursday, March 19, 2009

Star-Struck Citizen.

Jenna is at this moment walking around the house in her Sleeping beauty shoes, Michaela's old dance recital costume (complete with turquoise tutu) and a silver sparkly sash around her head, sort of early-seventies-hippie style.

These are my instructions:
"I am married to Ba-rat Obama because I love him. And he is very nice. You pretend to be Ba-rat Obama and be the helper at stool today.

Are you being Ba-rat Obama?!!? Because we need to do our show in which you save me!"


Anonymous said...

I can just SEE and HEAR her! What a joy she and Michaela are! You are blessed for sure. AND they do flash cards, too! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

I'll forgive you for not having a picture of this fabulous character on your blog since you're pregnant.....but don't think I'll always be this tolerant! Love, LW