Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'Cause that's how we roll.

Our neighbors across the street got a huge tree cut down in their front yard today.

The girls and I were mesmerized by the big equipment, especially the crane.

In a sad reflection of the dearth of excitement in our house, I took pictures of the tree removal.

Then Michaela whipped out her Hannah Montana digital camera and took pictures.

Then Jenna found her pretend Princess camera (well, she of course calls it her "tamera") and snapped a few shots.

I felt more than a little pathetic: spying on neighbor's workmen and taking pictures. Yup, that's how stay-at-home moms and their bored children roll in the Northeast on a frigid, snowy March morning. We'll embrace just about ANY break from the routine.

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Anonymous said...

A huge tree down in a close-knit community like you have IS big doins'!!!! Now if only the tree next door could come down as well! I think I'd come over for THAT! Love, Mommy