Thursday, March 5, 2015


During the last weekend of our Winter Break, which was even a little too winter-y for me, a lifelong hardy, upstate NY kind of gal, I thought it would be fun to watch my son's head explode.

So we went to Legoland in Westchester.

We drove down and upon arrival, realized it was inside of a huge open-air mall, which was kind of neat- easy to find and great parking.  When you first go in, you're in a big room the has all kinds of interactive displays showing how Lego pieces are actually made.  Then you come into a big place where the NYC skyline has been recreated- all in Legos.  It even simulated the sun rising and setting, and when it gets dark in the city, all the thousands of tiny lights come on in the buildings.  We saw the Freedom Tower, Empire State building, Statue of Liberty and of course, Times Square, also known in my house as "where GMA is filmed each day."  I am hoping to take a trip to NYC this summer and show the kids these actual sights, so maybe this helped to whet their appetite.

It is safe to say at this point Alec's head was swiveling around and he was a scootch overwhelmed.

After that, you moved into a huge area that had a playgym in the middle and offshoot rooms all around with different Lego themes: Ninjago, Friends, etc.  Alec was more than happy to go into the play gym area and explore.

Then we checked out the racer area where you built your own car and timed how fast it went on the track.

 I think everyone's favorite part was the 4D movie.  The theater had cool blue lights on before the show.

Some Mommy/Alec selfie action:

We explored some other sections and on our way out got this last shot with a guy totally made of Legos.

When we got home on Sunday, Michaela wrote this on the whiteboard in our kitchen:

How I love that funny girl.
Legoland, overall, was a hit and a great end to our vacation!


Anonymous said...

SO glad you all enjoyed it! It is a neat concept and Alec must have really loved it! Love from Gammie

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