Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How I Spent My February Break, 2015.

Freezing.  Shivering. Turning up the heat.  Complaining about the weather in NY.

Looked at real estate listings for Charlotte, NC and Tega Cay, SC.  Sent the listings to Dan.  Showed the listings to the kids.  Listened to other people complain about the cold.  Felt bad that the kids can't even really go outside to play... -30 degree windchill rules that out.  Climbed into bed last Wednesday and realized I missed my opportunity to have the kids play outside- it was the warmest day of the week.

Slept in.  Stayed in my pajamas.  Watched television.  Watched movies.  Watched more television with my kids- Master Chef Junior is a favorite.  Watched Alec almost come to tears when his favorite contestant, Jenna from NYC, was kicked off the show.

Drove the kids to Vacation Bible School at our church.  Listened to them sing songs and have fun.  Hosted a sleepover for two of Michaela's friends.  Drove Jenna to a playdate.   Complained about how cold it is outside.  Hosted a playdate here for Alec.

Started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix with Dan.  Snuck downstairs to the den multiple times to watch as many episodes as we could.  Had to convince Dan that we still had to parent and feed our children even though all we wanted to do was watch more Breaking Bad.  Texted my brother, who also started watching Breaking Bad this week.  Considered staging some kind of intervention for Dan about his Breaking Bad addiction.  Had a great dream that I started dating a biker guy and for our second date he texted me this: "I have secured our crystal meth and prescription pills so we can party tonight."  Texted him back: "I never want to talk to you again."

Broke up a few arguments.  Said "leave your sister alone, please" about 15 times to Michaela.  Said "please pick up after yourself" about 115 times to Jenna.  Said "Sorry, I can't play Plants vs. Zombies right now" about 215 times to Alec.  Lounged around. Played Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPad with Alec.  Caught up on other people's blogs.  Organized part of my craft closet downstairs.  Used my label maker.

On Saturday went to Legoland in Westchester.  Watched my son's head almost explode.  Watched my girls have a ball, too.  Bought souvenirs in the shop they conveniently have you pass through on your way out.  Drove in yet another snowstorm to Dan's brother and sister in law's house.  Had a great get together with our whole family.  Kissed my nieces.  Watched Alec and Sophie chit chat and smile at each other.  Talked and laughed.  Slept over.  Drove home.  Watched the Oscars with my girls.  Picked out our favorite looks on the movie stars.

Shivered.  Slept.  Hibernated.  Carried blankets with me wherever I went in the house.  Turned up the heat again.  Considered that maybe in some kind of freak real-world Wizard of Oz scenario our town has been picked up and relocated to Siberia.  Looked at all the icicles on the houses.  Listened to the wind.

Thanked God over and over and over that I had a warm, safe, dry house that is filled with people I love.


Anonymous said...

Even I was considering moving after this winter and I normally love winter in NY! Sounds like you made the most of a school break and now we can all look forward to warmer weather and sunshine! Love, Gams

Anonymous said...

You make me smile....and rejoice that we live in VA....even though weather here has been far from wonderful! Love, LW

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