Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scout and Sweetie Night!

Ah, the long awaited annual return of the Scout and Sweetie Dance! 
Every year I think it will get easier to get the girls ready and instead we seem to just ramp it up another notch each spring. 
Tonight we were thrown off by the fact that Mommy couldn't find the flyer, she thought it started at 6, because doesn't it ALWAYS start at 6?, looked online, tried to call a few people, even called the venue with no luck and by the time we found out that indeed starts at 5pm, not 6, it was already 4pm. 
Who can get red-carpet ready in ONE HOUR???
So we threw ourselves into action, mostly with me running back and forth up and down the upstairs hallway (my bathroom on one end/ Michaela's room and the girls' bathroom on the other end) coordinating hair, showers, curlers, makeup, clothing, hairspray... you've read my blog long enough.  You know the drill.
Oh, and throw into the mix a full five-alarm-freak-out by Alec, who was laying on the floor in the upstairs hallway, with us girls just running and stepping over him.  Two minutes after they left with Daddy, Alec was passed out asleep on our bed.
But the girls looked lovely, as they always do, and we took pictures, like we always do, and I said, "Oh my goodness! OH MY GOODNESS!!" a hundred times as I always do when I see how these girls are growing up so fast. 
And also when I look at the pictures afterwards and realize how Latina Michaela looks when she's all gussied up.
Here they are...
Daddy and his girls

I think if someone asked me,  "So.... what have you been working on the last few years of your life?" I would show them this picture.  There it is.

(I did NOT tell her to do this... she came up with this pose by herself) 


Anonymous said...

WOW and DOUBLE WOW! Those girls are beauties! Even their colors coordinate! Your work for the past 11.5 years has been WELL worth it! Thank you for giving the world such wonderful children! Danny looks spectacular as well-the workouts and bike rides surely pay off! Love from Mom and Pops

Anonymous said...

This is FINE as long as the "Sweetie" is Dan.....I wouldn't let them leave the house looking this drop-dead-gorgeous with anyone else! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

Very pretty girls! Claudia