Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dan's Duathalon!

Recently Dan participated in his first-ever duathalon- 2 miles running, 10 miles biking, then another 2 miles running.  He's been running 5-6 times per week for the last year and a half and started seriously biking last fall. (His rides kept getting longer... and longer... and longer...)  He got a new road bike, all the gear Serious Bikers use and wear, and he was ready to start competing.  
The race started at our Town Park, so we parked at another playground area that was on the bike route so we could cheer our Daddy on.  Here we are:

And here's Daddy!

Off he goes...
After a while we went back to the town park where the race was wrapping up.  This town park has Alec's favorite playground- "The Brown Playground"- and he was treating us to a full-out-level-five meltdown because he wanted to go to the playground, not watch people he didn't know crossing the finish line.  Hence my pic of Dan approaching the finish is not my best shot...

Dan checking his time...
 He did great overall- his time was very respectable for his first duathalon and his biking time put him close to the top 50  (biking time was 55th overall).  He knew the running-especially the second two miles- would be tough and he was right.

The Gear

The Cutest Onlooker Ever (recovered from the meltdown)

 Mimi hamming it up, of course

 Playing on the rocks

Overall it was a great experience for him.  We had so much fun cheering him on.  The day it was held was a glorious spring day and later Dan kept thinking, "I should really get out there and get some exercise today" and then would realize that he already ran, biked, and ran again in a race.  He had done his time.

He is already looking forward to next year's event and plotting how to improve his running times.  So proud of my hubby!!


Anonymous said...

We're proud of that fit guy too...and his adorable fans! Love, LW

Anonymous said...

Good job, Dan! And good job, Cheryl, organizing everything on time and handling meltdowns. That's what moms are for.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the signature: It's Claudia