Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Bits 'n' Pieces.

Here's the latest from Libutti Land:

Michaela... has a new "boyfriend" at school named Matt, whom she has pined after since she arrived at Eagle... tonight is her Winter Concert at school for choir... is doing the school's Lip Sync program on Friday night, complete with dance routine and custom outfit... actually wears and sees much better with her new glasses, proving Mommy wrong... is thinking of making a fabric model of a bottle nosed dolphin for the Whale Museum they have at school every year... is a great big sister... signed up for softball in the constanty harassing me to give her my iPhone... is attending her last year of vacation Bible school during Feb break- next year she'll be a helper.

Jenna... had her first filling today and handled it like a trooper... weaseled her way out of a few hours of school on Monday morning, saying that her "tummy felt angry" but was actually fine... when asked why she was giving me a hard time about me going out for a bit with a friend of mine answered, "You don't need playdates. You're a MOM."... loves being a Girl Scout... just started having spelling tests at school... is refusing, once again, to sign up for anything over the summer... is happy that I am doing Junior Achievement in her classroom for the next four weeks... loves playing with her dolls and Barbies... is also in  Lip Sync group and did awesome at the dress rehearsal- smiling, sashaying and dancing up a storm... still struggles with going to bed without a 40 minute struggle to do three things: brush teeth, go to the bathroom, and put on jammies... backs up so much when I help her brush her teeth that the other day we ended up in the peppering her vocabulary with the word "like" a little more than I care for.

Alec... is doing great in therapy and is making slow but very steady and noticeable progress... is obsessed with his sisters' 3DS and loves watching Bob the Builder... had a terrible, horrible week two weeks ago with us and the therapists and is much better after getting it all out of his system...still loves SpongeBob... and trains... and Cars... while playing with the Little People farm the other day during Speech Therapy made everything lay on their side and go to sleep, including the farmer's tractor... is trying more to say more... is sleeping through the night every night... is registered for preschool this fall (gasp!)... still lives on love, strawberries, popsicles and occasionally pasta... has FINALLY started to agree to wearing a coat when he leaves the house, and it's last year's coat.  Which is not even a winter coat.  But it'll do.

Dan and I... are close to renting a house for a summer vacation on Cape Cod (where we haven't been since 2008!)... bought, put together and started using our treadmill...  really like the treadmill... have hidden the key that starts the treadmill so littler people in our house (and I mean ALL the little people) can't turn it on by themselves... are trying to lose a little weight... are desperately trying to keep up with the activities in our family.  And are very happy. 


Anonymous said...

WHEW! That's a LOT of news and activities! Wouldn't Uncle LOVE your recap of your "Delmar life"? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Life in "Libutti Land" sounds busy and happy and a delight to live in! Love, LW