Friday, January 27, 2012

Alec's Latest Obsession.

And it's a strange one, one that begs to to be chronicled in the blog forever.

 He loves playing with my iPhone, and while at first I was super strict about him NOT using it, I have fallen into the trap that every parent who has an iPhone and a kid under five has also fallen into: KIDS LOVE iPHONES.  And it keeps them entertained and still and quiet for juuuust enough time to get something accomplished.  Not a big thing, but something.  Like posting on their blog.

I have a YouTube app on my phone and when you touch it, it automatically loads a short video that was linked to an email my brother sent out from his church.  It's a great video with two guys talking about going to a candlelight church service and what it means.  It's funny and real and effective.  But that's not what he loves.

Linked to this video (I'm assuming one of the suggested videos on the right hand side) is the new object of his affection: a video posted by some southern evangelical-y church inviting the masses to its Christmas Services.  It starts out with a nice, hearty, "Hello, everybody! We welcome you with open arms to Redeemer Baptist Church!" and then the wife chimes in with her silky Southern drawl, "... we are offering three services this Christmas Eve, at 2, 4, and 7 pm..." and that's as far as I've heard before Alec starts the whole thing over and I hear "Hello, everybody!" all over again.  Sometimes Alec starts it over three or four times in a row, so it sounds a little like some kind of bizarre DJ remix: "Hello, every-Hello, every-Hello, everybody!"

But that's the power of the Holy Spirit combined with modern technology... and a two year old:  I, a housewife in upstate New York, have the Christmas service times memorized for a Southern Baptist church that I've never ever heard of.   I think God has the most wonderful sense of humor.

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And He's shared it with you! Love, LW