Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween, One Week Late. Sorry.

Everyone was happy this Halloween:
1. I was happy that I didn't have to convince Michaela to NOT wear a Teenage Goth Vampire Hottie costume.
2. Dan was happy that the girls' costumes were warm and that they both took trick or treating seriously and really worked the neighborhood.
3. Michaela was happy that she got to troll two neighborhoods with her friend and gathered an impressive 210 pieces of candy.
4. Jenna was happy that she looked so adorable in her Jessie costume and that her aunt and uncle got her the super snazzy hat and boots.  "I want to wear them EVERY DAY!" (Thank you, Brian and Beth!)
5. Alec was happy that we did not force him to wear a costume at all, just a Halloween-themed t-shirt.  And that was good enough for Mommy.

Our neighborhood Halloween Parade and party was cancelled due to the freak snowstorm that came through Saturday night.  Luckily, we were mostly spared and only got about three inches of snow.
Sunday night we ventured out to the Halloween Barn Party we go to every year at a local family farm. 

Michaela helped with the face painting.

In very typical Alec style, he refused to wear a coat the whole time. 
Did I mention there was there was three inches of snow on the ground?  And we were in a barn?

Here's the girls in their Halloween themed t-shirts they wore to school that day.

Here's a Halloween themed treat I made with chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough.

Here's my Eskimo girl.

Here's my Jessie from Toy Story.

Here's Alec eyeing that snazzy hat.

Here's Alec walking away, hat stolen.

Here's Alec sitting in the best seat in the house- inches away from the candy bowl.  He's no dummy.
He helped me greet all our trick or treaters: he would run to the door, open it, look at the people and wait for me to hand them the bowl. When we were done, he would close the door and then touch the door lock and the deadbolt, because that's what we do.  I can only imagine how bizarre the whole evening was for him: why are all these people coming to our house? Why aren't they coming in? Why do they look so funny?  Why are we giving them our CANDY? 


And here's the loot- Michaela had to count and sort it for a Math homework assignment, which led to a spirited discussion of whether Tootsie Rolls are a "bar candy" or an "other" and whether Whoppers are a "bagged candy" or an "other".

It was a great, safe, happy Halloween.  Now... on to Thanksgiving!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great recap of Halloween! I think every day is a mystery to a 2 yr old-a constant stream of people coming and going with no rhyme or reason and many activities over which the child has no control. I am amazed I survived myself as a 2 yr old-if you haven't noticed, I like control. Love, Gammie and Popsicle

Anonymous said...

Your kids are a real "treat" to all your faithful blog readers! I'm glad that "neither rain nor snow"....could stop the festivities! Love, LW