Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Soccer 2011.

This fall was Michaela's 9th season playing soccer, and it was a tough season, weather wise- brutally hot and buggy (from all the rain we had over the summer) in the beginning of the season and frigid, wet and windy at the end.  Not good for players or loyal fans.  Michaela played on a girls' team of 4th and 5th graders, and I am embarrassed to say how few of them I knew by the end of the season.  I used to take pride in getting to know all the kids she played with, but since I've had Alec, whose behavior is pretty attention-dominating at games (we mostly just sat in the car and watched during the practices) I have dropped that ball.  And that's really okay.  Thankfully she was with two good friends from her old school and her favorite Coach Tim, so she had a good time.

Action shots

 Watch out, Sports Illustrated- there's a (very) young photographer coming onto the scene... once he figures out how to exactly look through the viewfinder.

After shooting a tough game, this photographer rewards himself with a Popsicle.

 Michaela and her friend Erin, who has been on her soccer team every season but one since they were four years old.  What a joy it is to watch them grow up together.

One of the team moms made these cookies for the girls to enjoy at the End of Season Party.  Super cute. 

Michaela's shoulders are up by her ears because it was about 35 degrees outside and we were celebrating in an unheated pavilion.  Brrr. 

Congrats to Michaela and her team on another great season!

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Anonymous said...

We had fun watching Michaela play! And those sharp cleats were the bomb!!!! Love, Gams and Pops