Thursday, June 9, 2011

She's a tooth-loser.

APRIL 26, 2011: Jenna arrives home from school and tells me her loose tooth, which she first reported only a few days prior, had become significantly loosened by biting into her sandwich at lunch.

Jenna shows me wiggly tooth.

Tooth is pretty floppy. I suggest she ask Daddy to help her get it out.

Daddy arrives home from work. They cloister themselves into the downstairs bathroom. Strategies are discussed. After about 10 minutes, Jenna emerges, triumphant and toothless, carrying an apple she bit into to release said tooth.

Mommy takes picture.

Tooth is hidden under pillow.

Tooth Fairy comes and leaves $5 for this, the first lost tooth, which was lost a full nine months earlier than her sister's first lost tooth (for those of you keeping score at home).

Jenna discusses at length what the Tooth Fairy looks like, how does she come into my room, how does she know, how Jenna KNOWS that she is real, how Jenna has a book that SHOWS what she looks like, etc, etc, etc.

Mommy tries to not freak out about her baby girl loosing teeth. Mommy doesn't do a very good job of not freaking out. Mommy gets a little sad that Jenna is getting older.

Within days, next tooth is loosened.

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