Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Blogger's Apology.

I am woefully behind in reporting just about everything going on here, so please accept my apologies and be ready for a deluge of family information. Here's some of what's gone down:

1. After eleven months of waiting, we found out what color the lilacs are next to our house. They were magnificent and scented the whole yard.

2. I was a Doubting Thomas about these irises ever blooming, but bloom they did, and now I see new blooms coming. These flowers are proud and majestic and noble, and a second bloom is just icing on the cake.

3. On May 26th was the elementary school's Art Show, with work from every class on display. I met their art teacher, who I was thoroughly underwhelmed by, and saw the projects they've created. They also had some pretty tasty cookies available for munching. Seeing little Jenna's artwork on the wall was amazing to me, because I still have a hard time thinking of her as school-age. Wasn't I just nursing her? (Well, in actuality, I was just nursing her a few years ago, but the point is the same: I think of her as barely preschool age, and here she is with displayed artwork. In a school. With Michaela.)
Both girls did a wonderful job with their projects, which were creative and colorful and very them.

4. May 25th was Michaela's Spring Concert, which featured her performing with the 4th Grade Orchestra and the combined 4/5 Choir. The concerts are fun because they are earnest and short and enthusiastic. Michaela played Lightly Row, Ode to Joy, and Song of the Wind, Frere Jaques, and French Folk Song on her viola as part of the orchestra. The choir, who was really fun to watched and listen to, sang Blackbird, Stand by Me and Dance Evolution Medley, which was well choreographed AND well sung.

Michaela has chosen to stick with viola for another year and she seems to do pretty well considering she never, ever practices. She briefly considered switching to play the saxophone in the band, which I think is actually more her style, and then lobbied me to allow her to switch to the cello, because "you get to sit down when you play" but I nixed that idea. So I sent in the form, saying I would pay for another year of viola rental, and felt kind of like I'd been suckered. But I like the sound of her practicing, and besides, look how pretty she looks with a viola:

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