Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work vs. School.

Today was a day Michaela has been anticipating for a long time: her first Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. She's been talking about it frequently ever since Dan told her about it a few weeks ago; planning what she would do and say and wear and I think also satisfy her curiosity about what it is, exactly, that Daddy does at work at an insurance company.

I was talking with her about it yesterday and she gave me this insight: "I'm going to bring a mug to work and carry it around like this" (demonstrates a Office Space-manager type pose) "and say, Get on that! and Let's get results! and Help those people! and then my phone is going to ring and I'll say, Oh, excuse me, I have to take this... Michaela Libutti, how can I help you? There was an accident? Is everyone okay? Any injuries? I'll call an ambulance!"

So I'm listening to this and cracking up laughing, and Danny hears her and says, "Michaela, we don't call ambulances for people." And that makes me crack up EVEN MORE because both of them are quite possibly the most concrete people on Earth (I mean, she's nine... she has NO IDEA what insurance even is or how it works, let alone whether Dan calls ambulances for people. Frankly I think her impression of office work and managing people is pretty good for her age.) and just I love them both so much.

Meanwhile someone else who lives in this house who is not old enough to attend Bring Your Daughter to Work Day is a little irritated that she's not able to skip a day of school and join in this adventure. Said person stomped down the stairs this morning and announced to me: "I'm not going to school today because Mimi doesn't have to go."
"Well, Jenna, you ARE going to school. Mimi's going to work with Daddy. She's going to have to do some boring things at work."
"No, she's not. It's not work. SHE'S GETTING DONUTS."

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Anonymous said...

What a hilarious post!!! I can just SEE M with her coffee mug and Jenna's indignation!!! I hear Mimi had a good time at her daddy's work and I am sure Jenna had a fine day at Eagle Elem! Love, Gammie and Pop Pop