Monday, April 4, 2011

Fighting the Inevitable.

Alec has officially discovered Dora the Explorer. I'm not sure if I'm horrified at having to go through months and months- years, really- of Dora episodes, DVDs, books and merchandise... or relieved that I have another way of wrangling 25 minutes of free time from him to do exciting, selfish tasks like showering every day. In the end, I really enjoy being clean and looking half way decent, so I guess Dora wins. In all fairness, Jenna let go of Dora a few years ago, so I have had a little break. In other Alec news, the speech therapist comes next Tuesday to evaluate him. He has made some progress in the speech department- now calls Jenna "Nenna" and Michaela a very close version of "Mehmeh" (not quite Mimi, not quite Mama) and his receptive vocab is really very good. We'll see if he qualifies for anything. Tomorrow is his 18 month checkup and I can't believe we are already a year and a half in. I'm really going to struggle with not seeing him as a 7 month old for the rest of his and my life. What a love he is. Vamanos... let's go!!

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Anonymous said...

Dora and Diego are SO addictive-nearly every toddler likes them. As someone commented on FB, at least it is not Barney! I look forward to watching Dora and Diego with A-man like I did with M and J! Love, Gammie