Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Time Out 2010, Part 2.

In my somewhat bucolic description of our weekend, I forgot to mention that the girls were utterly fascinated by the turkey timer-popper-thing and insisted on keeping it after we carved the turkey. So we washed it and gave it to them.

Jenna chased her brother and sister the rest of the weekend, wearing thin cotton gloves they use when they are playing doctor or dentist, waving the timer-popper in her hand, saying, "It's time for your flu shot! Come get your fluuuuuu shot!"

And they both screamed and ran/crawled/creeped away from her in terror.

It was the kind of moment when I thought, "You know, sometimes these blog entries just write themselves."

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Anonymous said...

One spends countless dollars on toys and books and they play with turkey poppers! Kids'll KILL 'ya! Mommy