Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think a new game is in our future.

Spurred on our friends who have similarly-aged children who played Pictionary as a family with great success, I pulled down and dusted off the first non-Disney, non-Candyland, non-Memory game in several years- Pictionary- for the whole family to enjoy a few nights ago. As we were setting it up, I got a little nervous about how the whole thing was going to go down so I changed the rules a bit to accommodate the ages of half our players (the 7-and-under-set). The girls were mostly fascinated by the sand-filled timer and could care less about the rules or game structure.

So I picked up the first card and Michaela's word to draw was "RABBI."

Um..... I think Pictionary Junior may end up being a better option.

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Anonymous said...

I have been obsessing about how I would draw a rabbi and I have really no idea yet! Can't wait to play the child version of Pictionary-MAYBE I could handle that! Love you all-Mommy/Gammie