Thursday, August 21, 2008

More out and about with Cheryl

Sorry for the long time between posts... I have lots going on here with volunteer work for church and getting ready for our vacation. My mind is going a million miles per hour.

Anyway, here are two recent "out and about" moments for ya...
1. While shopping at Walmart the other day (where would I get stories from if it weren't for Walmart? I love it there.) I was searching the shelves for Progresso tomato rotini soup. Walmart likes to play little tricks on me by pricing the soup sooo low but changing the arrangement of the soups each time, so I am all excited to buy my soup but can't find my soup. I end up standing there, oblivious to the world around me, except to FIND CHEAP SOUP, including my own children who are usually running up and down the aisle when they notice that I am distracted or start asking for baby dolls and Littlest Pet Shop toys, searching the shelves frantically for my beloved flavor. So we're going through this whole routine and it turns out that it's Straighten Up The Shelves day at Walmart- every aisle has two or three irritated associates who are taking thing out, neatening it up, etc. A smallish male associate is standing near me, towards the other end of the soup section and I notice that he is talking. Then I realize he's talking to me.
"Excuse me?" I ask.
"Someone stole my license plates off of my motorcycle yesterday. Can you believe that?"
Stunned by his lack of context in the story- and let's face it, I'm just trying to buy some cheap soup here- I give him my standard Walmart response:"Wow!"
"Yup, just ripped them right off. How'd you like to come out of work and find your license plates ripped right off?"
"That's too bad," I answer. And move down a little further away to find my soup.

I told this story to Dan when he came home and he said, "I think I saw a sign at Walmart the other day near the entrance. It said, All associates must leave personal boundaries at the front door. "

Well put.

2. We went on Tuesday night to a water ski show on the Mohawk river. We went with our friends Tom and Angel and their girls, who are just so cute, and smart, and we grabbed a bite to eat together afterwards. The show was free and adorable and very, very corny but the water skiing was fun to watch and did I mention it was free?

Parking was very tight and being new to the water ski show we were unfamiliar with other places to park. We asked the first parking attendant and he told us the lot was full. I spied a second, older parking attendant (and I use this term loosely- they were dressed in a light blue faux-police uniform shirt and were standing around, waving their arms and looking official, but also seemed pretty marginal) and told Dan, "Let's ask this guy if there's other places to park. He'll be nicer."

So we pull up to him and very earnestly and nicely ask if there is another place to park.
And he answers, moving the minimal amount of facial muscles while staring suspiciously at us:
"Not here."

Thanks sooo much for the help.

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Anonymous said...

It is VERY hard to get good help these days! Your "human interest" stories crack me up! Mommy