Monday, August 11, 2008

Michaela and Uncle Michael's Excellent Adventures

On Sunday Michaela and her family went down to visit her Uncle Michael and Aunt Jaime and see their awesome new digs.

Michaela had a most excellent time with her uncle.
First, Michaela and Jenna have a little lunch: Cheetos and Capri Sun. Michaela and Jenna think that Uncle Michael and Aunt Jaime are really, really fun. And lenient for letting them eat Cheetos on a fairly new couch.

Michaela convinces both Michael and Jaime to go into a very nice but not very warm pool at their complex.

See Michaela race Uncle Michael from one end of the pool to the other. Michaela won.

See Michaela and Uncle Michael lounge, quite casually, poolside.

Michaela brought Guitar Hero on her DS to their house and challenged Uncle Michael to a duel.

Then she upped the ante by betting him two bucks that she could beat him. (How quickly a new apartment turns into an illegal gambling den.)

First she shows him how to play.

Then Uncle Michael plays.

At first, he tells her he has won. But then it is revealed that Michaela is indeed the winner.

Michaela celebrates.
Michaela grabs her four bucks from Paga, who was the banker, and screams, "IN YOUR FACE!!" in a most lady-like fashion.

Uncle Michael then finds his old Nintendo game console and he and Michaela play a boxing game. Michaela insists on calling it "punching". Michaela is surprisingly good.

Jenna and Michaela are thrilled when Cousin Olivia comes on the scene.

It was a wonderful day full of fun.

Thank you Uncle Michael and Aunt Jaime!!! We love you (and your new place)!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys came down for a fun day! We had a blast! Good times :) I'm also happy to report, no cheetos stains on the couch!


Anonymous said...

Michaela shows true Olympic form....and the needed aggression and greed to make her a true champion! Love, the Williamsburg Winterhoffs