Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How soon we forget.

I worked for about 10 years with old people and generally loved them. Sure, they had their quirks (don't we all?) but really enjoyed helping and listening and comforting them.

Now I have been old-person-free for three and a half years and I guess my tolerance has waned a bit. I attended a very lovely Ladies' Candlelight dinner at our church, and endured this conversation and did not really find it too funny at the time. Now, with a few days of distance, it's beginning to amuse me and thought I'd share.

The dinner is pot-luck and part of the fun is seeing what people brought and raving over all the yummy food. I brought a Mexican layer dip, which my sister-in-law makes for our family functions and we all love it. It is a base layer of cream cheese, then salsa, then cut up tomatoes and yellow and red and orange peppers and sliced black olives and then covered in mexican-blend cheese. It is fresh and simple and delicious with tortilla chips, which I also brought.

So this is verbatim what happened to me as I put my dish down on the table when I arrived.

(Two old ladies approach. Both bend over and carefully inspect my dip and hover over it the whole time we are talking.)

Lady 1: Oh, what's that?
Me: It's a mexican layer dip. It's got cream cheese and salsa and fresh peppers and shredded cheese.
Lady 1: Oh, is it Italian?
Me: No, It's Mexican.
Lady 2: Is that black olives?
Me: Yes, it is.
Lady 2: Oh.... I don't eat black olives.
Me, trying to be helpful: Well, they're easy to pick off, if you'd like.
Lady 1: What's all over the top? Is that coconut?
Me: No, it's shredded cheese.
Lady 2: What did you say was on the bottom?
Me: Cream cheese.
Lady 2, dismissively: Well, I don't eat cream cheese.

(Two old ladies turn and walk away.)


jaime said...

LOL- this is great! They just missed out then! More for everyone else to eat :)

Anonymous said...

Oh funny! Maybe there should be an upper age limit on the Candlelight Dinner! Do you remember when I'd try and set up tables with convivial people.....I ended up threatening to calligraphy a sign saying "no bitching, no switching"! At least you're probably safe that they won't read about themselves in your blog!! LW

Anonymous said...


You have me in TEARS! I remember talking to you right after this conversation took place and you were definately not amused but oh, how you make me laugh!

Luv ya - Judy

Anonymous said...

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