Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thanksgiving: A Five Year Old's Perspective.

You wake up to find that a crazy snowstorm has dumped tons of snow all over your backyard.  Your mom takes a picture and adds a fancy filter so it looks kinda creepy.

Because of the snow, your dad and sisters decide against running in the town's 5K race and head down to the basement to do some treadmill running instead.
You also jump right in.
You are also still wearing the sweater you wore the day before, because you are a bit quirky and sometimes like to sleep in jump pajama bottoms and the shirt you wore that day.

Your dad supervises closely, because your mom is a bit of a safety freak with the treadmill, and even though its operating at about 1.5 mph she still sees it as a fancy death machine for children.
'Cuz sometimes she's a teeny bit anxious like that.

You also do some stretching and some yoga poses with our sister.

 Exercising over (and plenty of calories burned to accommodate all the treats for later), it's time to head back upstairs for some presents!

Your mom quickly learned her lesson from last year's "MOMMY! A DVD IS NOT A PRESENT!" incident and got something good for you this year.

A lego set.

And for your older sister- an Alex and Ani bracelet.

And for your younger older sister- a pair of leg warmers and a ballerina ornament.

Now it's time for breakfast: Cinnamon rolls! Whoo-hoo!

After breakfast, while the girls start watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, you get down to the serious business- building your Lego set.

After awhile, your sisters can't take looking at the snow anymore, so they bundle up and play outside.  Their favorite trick of the day is sledding down the deck stairs.

Your dad even goes outside onto the deck with NO SHOES OR SOCKS ON to capture this moment.  No one really understands why he does that.

Then everybody gets gussied up and your mom gets some nice pictures of you and your sisters.

(She feels a bit wistful that she didn't get embroidered, personalized shirts for you and your younger older sister with whimsical turkeys or pilgrims or pumpkins and hay bales.  Because you and your sisters are all growing up so fast and maybe she should strike while the iron is hot and before you all grow out of that sort of thing.  You don't have the heart to tell your mom that you wouldn't have worn a whimsical embroidered shirt anyway, and she'd be out the $30.)

You head over to your grandma's for the afternoon.
Your mom has brought treats that your sisters made- pilgrim hats.

And treats that she made- chocolate chip cookies.

And she pours a treat for herself- wine.

You play Christmas Bingo with your mom, grandmother and sisters.

Soon it's time to sit down for dinner.  Clearly your older sister has done something atrocious to you.  Thankfully your mom has documented the moment of torture.

Your sisters pose for a sweet picture at the Harvest Table.

And you, wanting to discourage any further incidents, bring your trusty firearm to the table.  Because 1) a man has to protect himself, and 2) you tell your mom that you are CERTAIN that the first Pilgrims had guns at their first Thanksgiving feast celebration. (You actually don't say that, but it would have been awesome if you did.  But you are only five and are just being introduced to the vast Pilgrim knowledge your mom holds in her brain.)

You enjoy a lovely dinner with your mom, dad, sisters, grandma and Paga.  You eat a buttered roll and some corn.  It's a lovely day all around.
You wrap up the day by asking your mom to write this sentiment on the pantry whiteboard, which you find extremely clever.  And then you sign it yourself.

The next morning, it is decorating day!  Time to get out the tree and ornaments and Christmas calendars.  You start by putting the clings on the kitchen window.

You especially enjoy putting up your First Day of School ornament.

 You and your sisters have adopted a "designated area" approach to personalized ornaments in years past; each child claimed an area in the tree where "only my ornaments" would be hung.  Showing remarkable maturity, this approach was abandoned in 2014 for a more generalized, evenly distributed technique.

By the end of the day, you are pleased with the results.

Bring on Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for! Thanks, Alec, for recording this for us all! Love, Gammie

Anonymous said...

Alec has clearly inherited his Mom's blogging genes! I'm thankful we DIDN'T have snow! Love, LW

Claudia said...

Very nice! You captured everything important, I think, so it feels like not just the Libutti-Davies family was there. I also remember the day Gammie bought the Christmas ornament for 1st day of school.

And Danny: I once did the same and went into the snow without shoes and socks (when I was in the US). Some things are more important than time-consuming putting on stuff on your feet. ;-)


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