Monday, July 30, 2012

Luke's Baptism Weekend.

We traveled to Chicago a few weekends ago to celebrate Luke Kendall's baptism.  What a blast! Not only is it always wonderful to see each other, we always enjoy the sights and food of Chicago.  We hung around a lot at Beth's parents' lake house, where we swam and kayaked and fished and floated for hours in tubes.  And maybe enjoyed a few adult beverages.  They were wonderful hosts. 

We also took a quick trip around the Chicago Botanic Garden, which was not only beautiful, but also the site of the 2012 Christmas Picture- a triumphant event for my mom.  The Garden had an amazing display of well-known attractions across the country (White House, Mount Rushmore, Cape Cod, Lombard Street, CA, Wrigley Field, etc.) with model trains racing though it.  Alec was totally amazed and all the kids loved it.

Dan and I, Brian and Beth and my parents were all able to go out on Friday night to a restaurant called Wildfire- without kids.  Beth's parents and sister and brother in law were kind enough to watch all six of our kids (plus their own!) while we enjoyed a stunningly delicious and quiet dinner out.  What a gift... a night we won't soon forget.  If I could have bottled it up, I would have, so I could take it out and relive it whenever I wanted.

The baptism itself on Sunday morning was gorgeous and moving and blessed.  I can't imagine what it's like to baptize your own son in front of the church you shepard.

Luke is a great baby, with cheeks and arms you could kiss all day.  Many thanks to Brian and Beth and to our parents for a truly memorable weekend! 
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the weekend...



Anonymous said...

It was such a wonderful time for our entire family. Thank you for capturing the blessings we all share. Love from Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of great people! Luke seems to be a little Brian. And all of you must have had a blast!

Love, Claudia