Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day this year was a huge, fun success, mostly because this was the first year in almost a decade that Dan and I did not have to scream at each other in the car on the way to the parade as we run late, search for parking, and struggle to find Michaela's Girl Scout troop in the 20,000 people gathered to march.  No, not this year- I got up super early, stayed up until 11pm the night before, ironing on patches, getting outfits ready (which were coordinated-NOT MATCHING- Americana wear), finishing my troop's banner, getting out the red, white and blue hairties and headbands and tattoos and flags and necklaces and all that other stuff.  I was ready this year.

We arrived at the meeting place and were the first ones there.  Dan got a premier parking space in town.  We were on a roll.

The parade itself was awesome, as it always is, and actually marching in it satisfied every performance- based desire that I have.  You are on display, no doubt, and people cheer as you pass by.  I even snuck in a few beauty pageant/ Queen of England waves for good measure.  Jenna did great, marching to the bitter end, even though it was pretty humid and hot in the sun.  Michaela, the old pro, had a great time with her troop who marched right in front of us.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at our friends' house- they host a picnic every year- and overall it was a great day.

Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration of our great country and those who fought so that we can have all the blessings we enjoy! M and J looked so happy marching and their outfits were spectacular! We had a great weekend! Love from Gammie and Popsicle

Anonymous said...

A memorable Memorial Day for sure....brought back memories :) LW