Monday, May 7, 2012

This is Jenna.

If anyone ever asks me what Jenna is like, a story emerged over the weekend that captures her perfectly.

I was invited weeks ago to go on Sunday to a baby shower for a relative of mine.  I was happy to be going for a multitude of reasons: I love seeing my family, I love baby showers, I love oogling all the sweet little clothes, I love seeing what the latest gadgets are for moms, I love knowing that my days of fussy infants are over and I can just enjoy everyone else's. 

So I was getting ready to leave on Sunday and Jenna is pacing around the bathroom, chit-chatting with me about lots of things.  I am trying to concentrate and get myself together while keeping an eye on the clock.

After a short pause, Jenna says to me, "If you are invited to a baby shower, do you HAVE TO go?"

So I immediately answer, "No, you don't have to go... but they are fun and I enjoy getting a present for someone to help them celebrate their baby.  I LIKE to go to them."

"But you don't HAVE TO, do you?"

"Well, no, I guess not" I answer, a little confused and then it dawns on me what is going on.  Jenna is feeling me out and letting me know that she is not happy with my decision to go to this baby shower.  She wants me to stay home, and in her VERY Jenna way, is meandering around the subject about four layers below the surface. 

Michaela, my text book first born, tells me everything flat out and to my face.  "I don't want you to go," she would say. "Stay home."  She is a force of energy always coming at me, clear and pure and open as the day is long.

But Jenna operates in a totally different way... she is subtle and deep and thoughtful and asks around what she is really after.

Michaela requires more attention and energy, but it's Jenna that I'm always a little afraid of.

That is my Jenna.


Anonymous said...

That story PERFECTLY captures our Nen! She is DEEP, just like her mommy! And we love her to pieces! Love, Gammie and Popsicle

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