Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Egg Coloring with Gammie.

Ahh, it's my mom's favorite time of year: Easter egg coloring time! We colored two dozen this year and decided that this was the perfect amount: enough to color an egg for immediate family, all the cousins, aunts, uncles, teachers, the Easter Bunny and even Jesus.  (We made his egg yellow.)

Alec got pretty into it this year, and enjoyed hijacking eggs from one cup and fairly casually tossing it into another cup, which made for some (ahem) interestingly colored eggs.  He was a little dictator about it as well, and when we would expectantly lift one perfectly colored egg out of the dye with our little bent metal hexagon spoon, Alec would declare, "No!" and push it back down.  So we have lots of vibrantly colored eggs who sat in the dye for ten minutes or more.

You can see how Alec took a "hands on" approach... check out his orange fingers:

The girls always do a good job of decorating and adding stickers and writing names and choosing colors. They are quite methodical about the whole thing and love every minute of it.



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Anonymous said...

It IS one of my favorite activities of the year! Alec really seemed to enjoy it, as did Mimi and Nenna! I KNOW I did!!! Love, Gammie