Monday, October 24, 2011

A Jenna Story to Make Your Day.

So my parents recently returned from visiting my brother and his family in Chicago.  A few years ago, my mom started bringing back gifts for the girls when they went away... a toy or book or Polly Pockets or a video game. 

As Dan and I were recently cleaning out our basement play area and put aside four buckets of toys that are no longer played with, we decided that at ages 6 and 10, the girls can tolerate a separation from their grandparents without a gift coming along with the reunion.

We explained to the girls that while we are of course thrilled when Gammie and PopPop return, they will  no longer be bringing gifts with them: we'll simply be happy that they got back to us safely.

Jenna's response: "Well, that SUCKS."


Anonymous said...

I agree sure does!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to "Nenna" to tell it like it is! She pulls no punches! Love, Gammie