Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Annual Post in which I Describe the Ritual of Pumpkin Purchasing.

We, like every other suburban family in our town, hit the Red Horse Farm a few weeks ago to get our pumpkin fix. It is so beautiful there, and homey, and the farmer is about 300 years old. He encouraged the girls to "grab a wagon for your pumpkins!" and the girls took that literally, each grasping the handle of a little red wagon, pulling it over to where the pumpkins are arranged on pallets, and enthusiastically piling pumpkins into their wagons as fast as their little arms could lift them.

"Whoa!-whoa!-whoa!," Mommy The Pumpkin Grinch had to yell. "How many pumpkins are you putting in that wagon??"

(Because while I LOVE pumpkins, being a former Pilgrim and all, I don't need $147 worth of pumpkins.)

And The Pumpkin Grinch made the girls put all but three pumpkins each and some gourds back.

But it was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous farm and we got some great pictures from the visit.

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved this post except I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE RED HORSE FARM is!!! Everybody in town goes there, and I don't know anything about it?! I'm traumatized! Love, LW